Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cool Shades

Do I look handsome in my Ray Ban?

Sitting Like a King

I am going to make myself very comfortable.
I have an itch on my chubby feet. Let me try to scratch it.

What can I do next?

My Intellectual Side

Do I look like Clark Kent?
Opps, I think my glasses are slipping. Let me push it back up.

Strawberry Festival

My uncle wants to be cool just like me!

I look pretty cool with my hat on backwards.
Uncle Duong and Aunt Nikki joined me at the festival. I had a lot of fun with them.
Look at my two bunny teeth.

Check out all of my cute facial expressions. Don't I look like a little man!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

This is Grandpa's first birthday with me. Doesn't he look happy holding me?

Mother's Day Party

Uncle Jim and Aunt Kristi got me this cute park ranger outfit from Oklahoma.

Splish splashing away in the pool.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

At Daycare with Jamie

When Mommy is not around I cling on to Jamie. She spoils me!
Here I am at daycare crawling around and making a mess of all the toys.

My First Dip in the Pool

Here I am in my floating dino. I am a little scared, but I may be getting use to the pool.
Daddy, I am not really like this right now.
Hmm, I just figured out that I can use my hand to play with the water.

A Little Kangaroo

It got kind of windy outside so I thought it would be nice to snuggle up with Daddy.

Daddy and I are having a bonding moment.

Do you like my new hat?

Who put this thing on my head?
I know who did it Aunty Rachel!
Uh oh, my little head gear is falling down.
Mommy! Look I have four eyes.

Mommy, Daddy, and I at the RSM Lake

I love to crawl, but not on the grass.
Sand is just as weird as grass!
Daddy and I are feeding the geese some bread.

We sure do look good.
This is my cute face.
Here is another one of my cute faces.

My First Carousel Ride

Daddy put me on a broken horse! It did not go up and down so the ride was okay, but could have been more exciting.